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How it Works

The MT5 simulator provides a comprehensive set of services for traders to hone their skills, test their trading strategies, and gain experience


Simulated Trading

The MT5 simulator allows traders to practice trading with virtual money, providing a risk-free environment for beginners to get a feel for the platform and for experienced traders to test out new trading strategies.


Historical Data

The MT5 simulator provides access to historical price data, allowing traders to backtest their trading strategies and see how they would have performed in different market conditions.


Real-time Quotes

The MT5 simulator provides real-time market quotes for the historical chosen time ranges, timeframes, and the instrument. Further allowing you the benefits of going back in time to give you the feel of your real time trade performance in the same market conditions including the news as they may have occurred on that particular date and time.


Is Your Strategy Tested and Successful?

Backtest NOW and find a successful strategy and copy it over and over.

If you are profitable in the Simulator, copy the same in the real market to INCREASE your probabilities of SUCCESS.

ENHANCE Your Odds of Completing Funded Challenges.

For ONLY $149 You Will Get The MT5 Simulator And All Its Premium Features

Feature License One (USD) License Two (USD) Total (USD)
Practice and Test Strategies 💲499 💲499 💲998
Real-time Market Data Simulation 💲567 💲567 💲1134
Back Testing Capabilities 💲589 💲589 💲1178
Adjustable Trading Parameters 💲512 💲512 💲1024
Historical Data Ranges Selection 💲635 💲635 💲1270
Multiple Timeframes Options 💲478 💲478 💲956
Risk Management Features 💲723 💲723 💲1446
Order Placement and Tracking 💲648 💲648 💲1296
Comprehensive Trade Analysis 💲799 💲799 💲1598
Customizable Chart Templates 💲576 💲576 💲1152
Personalization Options 💲521 💲521 💲1042
User-Friendly Interface 💲499 💲499 💲998
Save and Retrieve Preferences 💲598 💲598 💲1196
Excellent Customer Support 💲689 💲689 💲1378
Over 80+ Symbols to Back Test On 💲5487 💲5487 💲10974
Total (USD) 💲26838

Now, It Is All For Only $149

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