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Few Words about Our Software

The MT5 Simulator is a tool that allows traders to practice and test their trading strategies without risking real money in the market on the MT5 Trading Platform. It works by using historical market data to simulate real trading conditions, allowing traders to see how their strategies would perform in various market scenarios.

The simulator comes with a range of features, including the ability to adjust trading parameters, view real-time market data, and analyze trade performance. It also offers back testing capabilities, which allow traders to test their strategies against past market conditions.

Using a Forex simulator can be a valuable tool for traders of all levels, as it provides an opportunity to practice trading to help traders identify potential flaws in their strategies and make adjustments before implementing them in real trading.

Our MT5 Trading Simulator comes with a range of features; including but not limited to:

  • Be the master of speed. So, you can pause, replay, or repeat the historical data.
  • Get option to select various historical data ranges.
  • Several instruments to choose from.


With the MT5 simulator you can:

Choose different:

  • Timeframes
  • Date ranges
  • Indicators
  • Risk Types

Have the option of:

  • Fixed or variable spreads
  • Buy and sell and see your profit or loss- just like a real trade!
  • Put pending or market orders
  • Set your stop loss and take profits
  • Reduce your risk by using the break-even feature
  • Trail you take profits
  • Take partial or full profit
  • Reduce partial or complete risk
  • Watch multiple time frame windows at the same time

Get access to:

  • Balance and equity
  • Your closed trades
  • Your trading results
  • Historical forex calendar and news

Personalise it:

  • Choose what suits you: stop loss based on risk, dollar value, or fix lot sizes.
  • Save your simulation with your preferred features!

Customise your software:

  • Make your own preferred chart templates.
  • Use different colour schemes to set your candle styles and types.
  • Choose different background colour, grids, or no grids.
  • Save your own templates under your preferred name.
  • Set the features on one chart and link the other timeframes with the same features.
  • Use the saved customised templates anytime without having to set the same features at each login.
  • And enjoy 

Find your happy place with our MT5 Simulator!

MT5 Simulator


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